Barenbrug Holland BV

Supplementary Terms and Conditions

Filed at the Chamber of Commerce for Central Gelderland, Netherlands, nr 10021227, dated 16-01-2009.


  1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the ISF Rules and Usages for the Trade in Seeds for Sowing Purposes and Procedure Rules (, supplemented by these terms and conditions apply to all quotations, offers and sales made by Barenbrug Holland BV, and supersede all earlier terms and conditions of Baren-brug Holland BV and any conflicting conditions proposed by the buyer.


  1. Multiplication of seed is not permitted, this also includes seed for trial purposes.


  1. All sales are subject to harvest and final quality.


  1. If the buyer cancels in part or as a whole any order that has been accepted by Barenbrug Holland BV, the buyer shall be liable to pay Barenbrug Holland BV the loss arising out of the cancellation.


  1. All invoices are payable within the period mentioned on the invoice. Barenbrug Holland BV reserves the right to charge interest at 2% per month or part month on overdue payments. If any order is made or resolution passed for winding-up or liquidation of the buyer (other than for amalgamation or reconstruction) all sums out-standing will become immediately due.


  1. In case of liability by Barenbrug Holland BV, the amount of compensation cannot exceed the invoice value of the consignment plus costs resulting from the shipment and return of the goods and including customs duties when these cannot be refunded, provided that these are justified, direct and documented, unless the arbitration committee considers this is not reasonable compensation.


  1. The construction, validity and performance to which these conditions apply shall be governed by Dutch Law.