Confederations Cup 2017 on innovative Barenbrug-grass

Russia is currently under the spell of the Confederations Cup: the tournament in the build-up to the World Cup, organized in Russia in 2018. At this moment, the tournament is in full swing. During the Confederations Cup, grass of the highest quality is of great importance in order to achieve the best football. For this reason, Queens Grass International –a loyal customer of Barenbrug for more than 50 years- has been asked to provide a number of Barenbrug grass mats for the stadiums, including the stadium in St. Petersburg. This stadium also formed the decor for the opening match, after which the trainer and some players of the Russian team indicated that the grass was looking great. The final will also be played in the stadium of St. Petersburg.


The matches are played in four different stadiums spread across Russia, namely in St. Petersburg Stadium (Petersburg), Kazan Arena (Kazan), Spartak Stadium (Moscow) and Fisht Stadium (Sochi). These stadiums will also set the stage for the World Championship in 2018. The greatest challenge will be the major climatic differences between the hosting cities. Therefore, there is a need for tailored solutions, offered by Barenbrug. These solutions include RPR and SOS: two innovative grass concepts.


Participants from all over the world

The Confederations Cup is held every four years and serves as a rehearsal for the World Championship Soccer. Eight countries will be represented during this tournament. The group of participants consists of the host country, the world champion and winners of the various continental football federations in the world. This year this will be: Portugal, Mexico, Cameroon, Chile, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and Russia.

RPR - Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass

RPR is the first perennial ryegrass having the specific characteristic of spreading horizontally via determinate stolons, which guarantees superfast recovery and an extremely strong sward. With Russia, one step has been taken: RPR slowly conquers the world as more and more field managers discover the benefits of this grass. On six continents, great results have already been seen with RPR. In recent years, RPR has also been tested intensively in Brazil for the use in stadiums. As the strongest grass on the market and with its self-restorative ability, RPR has proven to be the best option.

RPR - Strong as Iron

Swards of world class are not restricted to major tournaments. If you’d also like a sward that’s as strong as iron, go for RPR!

SOS - Super Over Seeding

SOS germinates very quickly under low temperatures and guarantees well-restored turf. At low temperatures, growth conditions for grass are seen to be worse. In this case, too little light and too much moisture will result in a sick plant. SOS grows where other grasses fail!




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