European young talent plays football on grass as strong as iron

2017 UEFA European Under-21 Championship, Poland 16 – 30 June. For the first time in history, the championship will include as many as 12 of the best teams in Europe. During this tournament the new generation of talented players will perform as the successors of Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Rooney and so on. The expansion of the tournament called for more stadiums to host the young teams. To meet the highest standard for the quality of the pitch, the innovative RPR grass concept has been used in these stadiums.

Euro 2017 Stadiums

The tournament is hosted by 6 stadiums in Poland, which are all  in the Polish national league. In order to meet the highest standards for this European event, the pitches were handled with special attention. The three pitches in Gdynia, Cracow (final match) and Lublin (opening match) are specially sown with seeds of the  Barenbrug grass concepts RPR, Supersport and Rapide.    


The pitch of Gdynia stadium, this year’s winners of the Polish Cup, has been seeded with RPR grass on 6 April. A sand top dressing was applied on the same day. Despite the cold spring with frequent drops of temperature below zero degrees, the pitch looked fantastic just four weeks later. RPR created a thick and dense sod for top quality football by the national teams of, among others, Macedonia, Portugal and Spain.

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Grass as strong as iron

RPR stands for Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass: an extremely strong type of grass that spreads horizontally via determinate stolons. RPR retains its strength and good looks, even during the most intensive use. Its high wear tolerance makes it ideal for top quality sports applications.

RPR – Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass

Swards of world class are not restricted to major tournaments. If you’d also like a sward that’s as strong as iron, go for RPR!

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