Medium dark green perennial ryegrass.

  • Medium dark green perennial ryegrass.
  • High drought tolerance.
  • Excellent wear tolerance.
  • Sports turf ‘heavy-duty’ application for the south.
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Atlantic climate
  • Mediterranean climate

ANOUK has a medium dark leaf colour and is the right choice for use in dry and sunny areas. The variety will also easily germinate at higher soil temperatures. ANOUK distinguishes itself from other perennials by its excellent drought tolerance. As a top perennial for sports and recreation purposes, ANOUK naturally shows good results when it comes to wear tolerance and shoot recovery. In a mixture, ANOUK will guarantee fast establishment, a dense, wear-tolerant turf and a good drought tolerance.


Anouk is a sports-type perennial suitable for use for:

  • Sports and cricket grounds
  • Football and rugby pitches
  • Landscaping areas
  • Parks & home lawns


Colour and leaf texture
Medium-dark-green leaves, slightly lighter coloured than Barlennium.


Partner varieties in mixtures
Anouk was extensively tested at Barenbrug Research in Wolfheze, Mas Grenier (France) and Vicenza (Italy).
Heavy duty
Its good performance under heavy-duty use allows Anouk to be mixed with Poa pratensis and other sports Lolium perenne-type varieties, such as Barlennium and Pinnacle II.
Playing and Ornamental lawns
Anouk is a sports and recreation-type variety and could also be used for seeding in parks and lawns.


Additional features

Additional features Anouk

Lolium perenne
Seeds per gram
Optimal pH range
5.8 - 7.4
Salt tolerance
Maintenance required
Shade tolerance
Water requirement
Thatch build-up
Wear tolerance
Speed of establishment
Ornamental value (Fineness of leaves)
Self recovery capacity
Fast green up after winter
Colour darkness
Disease tolerance
Less irrigation required
Less fertilizer required
Less frequent mowing possible
Cool temperature germination
Lolium perenne

Perennial ryegrass is one of the most important and widely used turf grasses. It exhibits rapid establishment, good tillering ability, excellent response to nitrogen and an outstanding capacity to recover after damage.

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