The finest leaved perennial ryegrass!

  • Very fine-leaved (similar to Festuca rubra spps).
  • Excellent close mowing tolerance (down to 5 mm).
  • Outstanding shoot density.
  • Medium-light green colour with beautiful leaf texture.
  • Good resistance to red thread.
  • Fast shoot recovery after damage.
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Atlantic climate
  • Mediterranean climate

Bargold is very well known for its use on golf courses all over Europe. This very fi ne-leaved perennial ryegrass has an excellent close mowing tolerance (down to 5 mm!). This makes Bargold the best choice for the overseeding of tees, fairways and greens! The variety has superb red thread resistance and maintains a healthy colour, even if nitrogen applications are decreased. Moreover, Bargold mixes very well with finer species such as Festuca rubra commutata and Festuca rubra trichofylla.


Bargold is a fine-leaved type perennial suitable for:

  • Sport
    • golf courses: tees, fairways and greens
    • cricket grounds and tennis courts
  • Surrounds / aprons
  • Bowling greens
  • Turf production


Colour and leaf texture
Medium-light coloured variety with fine leaves.


Partner varieties in mixtures
Bargold has been extensively tested in private trials at STRI UK, Hohenheim University in Germany, Bioforsk in Norway and during several small trials in other countries. All trials showed the signifi cant ornamental value of Bargold and its great performance on golf greens.
Best combinations were found with Festuca rubra spps. such as Bargreen II, Barcrown and Viktorka.

Additional features

Additional features Bargold

Lolium perenne
Seeds per gram
Optimal pH range
5.8 - 7.4
Salt tolerance
Maintenance required
Shade tolerance
Water requirement
Thatch build-up
Wear tolerance
Speed of establishment
Ornamental value (Fineness of leaves)
Self recovery capacity
Fast green up after winter
Colour darkness
Disease tolerance
Less irrigation required
Less fertilizer required
Less frequent mowing possible
Cool temperature germination
Lolium perenne

Perennial ryegrass is one of the most important and widely used turf grasses. It exhibits rapid establishment, good tillering ability, excellent response to nitrogen and an outstanding capacity to recover after damage.

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