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Bermuda grass

  • High summer turf quality.
  • Uniform leaf texture.
  • Excellent for lawns, sports fields and fairways.
  • Very fast establishment.
  • Atlantic climate
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Mediterranean climate
Cynodon dactylon
Speed of growth
Genetic color (rating from light to dark)
Tolerance to wear
Spring green up
Color retention in autumn
Leaf texture
Tolerance to fungi diseases
Cynodon Dactylon

Cynodon Dactylon - Bermuda grass. Bermuda grass produces a vigorous, deep-rooted and light to dark green, dense turf which is well adapted to most soils and grows the best in warm climates. Bermuda spreads by both rhizomes and stolons. It has excellent wear, drought, heat and salt tolerance...