Very fine-leaved variety with excellent wear characteristics!

  • Beautiful appearance thanks to its extremely fi ne leaf texture.
  • Excellent wear tolerance!
  • Excellent winter hardiness.
  • Fast shoot recovery after damage.
  • Mowing required less frequently due to low biomass production!
  • Atlantic climate
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Mediterranean climate

Barhelene is Barenbrug’s fi nest-leaved Poa pratensis! This gives the variety an extremely high ornamental value. In addition, Barhelene is highly wear-tolerant and, despite its fi ne leaf texture, it recovers quickly following rust attacks! Barhelene is by far the best Poa variety for low-maintenance purposes as its biomass production is very low!


Barhelene is a versatile Poa pratensis variety suitable for:

  • General landscaping (low maintenance!)
  • Turf production
  • Sport
    • golf courses: tees and fairways
    • cricket grounds and tennis courts
    • football and rugby pitches


Colour and leaf texture
Medium-light green coloured with fi ne leaves.


Partner varieties in mixtures
Barhelene has been extensively tested in private trials at Barenbrug Research in the Netherlands, France and Eastern Europe. In addition, mixture trials at the Hohenheim University in Stuttgart (Germany) showed Barhelene to be in optimal synergy with Festuca arundinacea Barleroy. For landscape, fairway and tee applications, Barhelene mixes well with all Festuca rubra and the fi ner Lolium perenne varieties, such as Bargold and Barsignum. A special low maintenance combination can be found by mixing Barhelene with Barkoel (Koeleria macrantha). This combination guarantees the highest turf quality and performance under a low-maintenance regime with low nitrogen, water and herbicides.


Additional features

Additional features Barhelene

Poa pratensis
Seeds per gram
Optimal pH range
5.8 - 7.5
Salt tolerance
Maintenance required
Shade tolerance
Water requirement
Thatch build-up
Wear tolerance
Speed of establishment
Fineness of leaves
Self recovery capacity
Fast green up after winter
Colour darkness
Tolerance to leaf spot
Tolerance to rust
Less irrigation required
Less fertilizer required
Less frequent mowing possible
Poa pratensis

Smooth stalked meadow grass is generally characterized as the “concrete base” of your turf grass system. Thanks to its extraordinarily good wear tolerance the presence of this grass species is more than welcome in a turf mixture for sports.

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