Unique coloured fescue for low input

  • High drought tolerance.
  • High ornamental value in low maintenend circumstances.
  • Special blue green appereance.
  • Atlantic climate
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Mediterranean climate

Blues sheeps fescue is well suited for ornamental, extensive and reclamation lawns. It has a short regrowth and low need of fertilizers and water. The variety is very fine leaved and has a high density. Blues mixes very well with chewings fecues for ornamental use. Its notes on the French list are the best for rusts, leaf spot and Fusarium tolerance. Blues gets easily established which makes it an more than average strong sheeps fescue. Nicely green all year long, its colour becomes bluish during dry periods.

Festuca ovina
Seeds per gram
Optimal pH range
4.5 - 7.5
very low
Salt tolerance
Very good
Maintenance required
very low
Shade tolerance
very good
Water requirement
low/very low
Thatch build-up
Speed of establishment
Fineness of leaves
Self recovery capacity
Colour darkness
Green up after winter
Fusarium resistance
Resistance to dollar spot
Resistance to red thread
Less irrigation required
Less fertilizer required
Less frequent mowing possible
Cool temperature germination
Close mowing tolerance
Festuca ovina durius

Hard fescue is the most fine leaved specie. It has exceptional winterhardiness and drought and heat tolerance. It is one of the most resilient species that performs in cold and hot climates. It does well on dry soils in both sun and shade. Hard fescue is the ultimate low input specie.

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