Mow Saver

Low-growing, fast-establishing grass

  • Fewer mowing sessions

  • Smaller volumes of clippings to be disposed of

  • Fast establishment

  • Ideal for robot grass mowers

  • LMT - Less Mowing Technology

  • Green Earth label - for sustainable maintenance

  • Lawns
  • Landscaping
  • Roadsides
  • Airports

Fewer mowing sessions

A green sward in a park, public green space or road verge is the highlight of any landscape. But a lot of effort has to be invested in creating the bright green look of such a smooth sward. That effort can now be greatly reduced thanks to Barenbrug’s revolutionary new concept that was specially developed for use in public green spaces. With Barenbrug’s Mow Saver there are no two ways about it: less mowing is the future! 


What always seemed wishful thinking to owners and managers of public green spaces has now become true: the possibility of reducing the maintenance of their swards. The low-growing, fast-establishing Mow Saver produces less biomass (clippings), reducing the need for mowing by up to no less than 35%. Less mowing implies both economic and ecological benefits in the form of savings in labour, fuel and the costs involved in the disposal of the clippings. Mow Saver remains short during less favourable climate conditions and throughout all the growing months. Measurements in Barenbrug’s trial fields have shown that Mow Saver grass is 30% shorter than standard grass fourteen days after mowing. Whereas the grass of a standard mixture has to be mown at least twenty times during the growing season, around thirteen mowing sessions will suffice in the case of Mow Saver.



Smaller volumes of clippings to be disposed of

Less frequent mowing of slow-growing grass also has a direct effect on the volumes of clippings produced. Practical trials carried out by Barenbrug have shown that Mow Saver used in a lawn or park will produce 50% less leaf mass a year than grass of a standard mixture. And what isn’t produced doesn’t have to be disposed of! There’s no longer any need for you to mow your grass every week; 65 % of your usual mowing sessions will suffice - a reduction of 35%.


The advantages in a nutshell

Fast establishment

Mow Saver establishes quickly, but has the unique characteristic of remaining short once it has established, contrary to other grass varieties that continue to grow and become long. Mow Saver’s fast germination and establishment ensure the fast development of a dense, green sward after seeding. Besides being a sight for sore eyes, such a smooth green ‘carpet’ also minimises the growth of weeds, eliminating any need for herbicides.


Ideal for robot grass mowers

 The advantage of continuous mowing of a sward with a robot grass mower is that minute tips of grass are continuously mown and mulched, eliminating peak productions of clippings and the need for their disposal.


LMT - Less Mowing Technology

 In trials carried out at several locations over several years, Barenbrug’s breeders succeeded in developing strong new varieties that are capable of absorbing moisture and minerals from the soil under non-optimum conditions. As these varieties are also characterised by low growth and the formation of an attractive sward they are entirely in line with what Barenbrug calls its ‘Less Mowing Technology (LMT)’.


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Green Earth label - for sustainable maintenance

Barenbrug’s aim, besides being a pioneer in improving grasses, is for its developments to contribute towards a Green Earth on which future generations will also be able to enjoy sports and other forms of recreation. This is why the company introduced its Green Earth label, a quality mark that helps managers of public green spaces use and manage grass in a more sustainable way by making less use of water, fertilisers and pesticides and mowing the grass less often. 


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LMT rassen (Less Mowing Technology)
Speed of establishment
Nitrogen requirement
Speed of growth
Sowing rate
20-25 g/m²
Mowing height
from 10 mm
15 kg
Suitable for ornamental value
Suitable for playing lawns
Suitable for sport lawns
Suitable for parks
Higher wear tolerance
Tolerant to drought
Fast establishment
Sun and shade
Fine leaved
Low maintanance
Erosion control
Requires less irrigation
Requires less fertilisers
Requires less pesticides
Requires less mowing
Landscape & Lawn

Turf grass plays an important part in our lives. It grows in our gardens and parks. It is not only its use in practice that is important, but also its esthetic and its ability to purify air and water. A carefully considered grass seed mixture will increase the pleasure you get from your ornamental...

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