Dark tall fescue with excellent resistance to drought

  • Exceptional drought tolerance, minimal irrigation required!
  • Stable dark-green colour.
  • Best suited in Mediterranean climate zone.
  • Atlantic climate
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Mediterranean climate

Palladio achieves the very best performance in terms of turf characteristics and heat and drought tolerance. It shows an excellent summer performance under both high and low maintenance. Palladio belongs to Barenbrug’s darker green tall fescues within our range. Palladio outperforms other varieties in terms of homogeneity of sward, high ornamental value and extremely high drought tolerance. Palladio maintains its colour in summer despite heat and drought and is not susceptible to brown patch.


Palladio is a versatile Festuca arundinacea variety suitable for:

  • Ornamental lawns
  • General landscaping
  • Turf production
  • Golf courses: fairways and tees
  • Football and rugby pitches


Dark-green coloured medium broad-leaved tall fescue variety.


Partner varieties in mixtures
Palladio has been extensively tested in private trials at Barenbrug Research in the Netherlands, France and Italy. For landscape, fairway and tee applications, Palladio mixes well with Poa pratensis and Lolium perenne species, and in warm dry areas preferably with drought-tolerant varieties such as Barimpala. More continental areas are best covered with partners such as Bariris and Baronial (Pp) and Barminton or Barfriso (Lp).


Additional features


Festuca arundina
Seeds per gram
Optimal pH range
5.5 - 7.0
Salt tolerance
Maintenance required
Shade tolerance
very good
Water requirement
very low
Thatch build-up
Wear tolerance
Speed of establishment
Fineness of leaves
Self recovery capacity
Colour darkness
Tolerance to brown patch
Less irrigation required
Less nitrogen required
Less frequent mowing possible
Germination energy at low temperature
Festuca arundinacea

Tall fescue is a deep rooting and drought tolerant specie growing well in both dry and humid conditions. Tall fescue is able to survive medium harsh winters and starts growing early after winter, thanks to its efficient storage of carbon hydrates in the extensive root system.

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