Bar Duo Bent!


A must for all ornamental lawns!

  • Excellent aesthetic aspect.
  • Excellent summer behaviour.
  • Very dense sward.
  • Atlantic climate
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Mediterranean climate

Excellent aesthetic aspect

Musette is a beautiful slender creeping red fescue, particularly suitable for lawn use but the variety can also be used for close mowing purposes thanks to its good shoot density


Excellent summer behaviour

In summer Musette is able to keep a nice green colour. The variety is able to withstand dry conditions without discolouring.


Very dense sward

Musette has a great shoot density due to a high regeneration capacity.  Especially under mild to warm conditions the variety performs very well. For that reason Musette obtained an excellent rating on the French turf variety list (‘Catalogue Officiel Francais’)

Speed of establishment
Fineness of leaves
Self recovery capacity
Colour darkness
Green up after winter
Fusarium resistance
Resistance to dollar spot
Resistance to red thread
Less irrigation required
Less nitrogen required
Less frequent mowing possible
Cool temperature germination
Close mowing tolerance
Festuca rubra tricho

Slender creeping red fescue is a high ornamental specie as well. It is as fine and dense as chewings fescue, but it outperforms chewing fescue due to an excellent disease resistance. Slender creeping fescues also exhibit good summer and autumn colour and it has better salt tolerance than chewings...

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