Creeping bent grass with extremely high shoot density

  • Extraordinarily high shoot density.
  • Very dense sward.
  • Higher playing intensity in summer.
  • Greens for very high stimp.
  • Close mowing tolerance down to less than 2.5 mm.
  • Atlantic climate
  • Nordic climate
  • Continental climate
  • Mediterranean climate

TeeOne Creeping Bentgrass is a dark green creeping bentgrass variety with an outstanding high shoot density which means that it easily forms and retains a dense sward.


Why Teeone?

  • Extraordinarily high shoot density
  • Very dense sward
  • Aggressive against Poa annua
  • Very dark green
  • Nice winter colour
  • Higher playing intensity in sommer
  • Greens for very high stimp
  • Close mowing tolerance down to less than 2.5 mm



Teeone is bred and developed by Jacklin Seeds (USA).                                                           



Bright dark green turf type.


Characteristics of the cultivar

Teeone is the first of a new generation of creeping bentgrass, with qualities never before seen in golf turf. The single biggest factor that sets Teeone apart is ground coverage. Teeone retains ground coverage under incredibly tough growing conditons.

In the breeding program all of the Teeone plants excelled at keeping Poa annua away.

In the USA Teeone is called the “Forgiving Bent” which means that Teeone was bred and optimized with the mid-budget golf course in mind. Teeone provide tournament uality golf for every golf course.




After seeding and establishing Teeone prefers deep watering early in the morning.

Agrostis stolonifera
Seeding rate:
5 – 7 gr/m2
Overseeding rate:
2 – 5 gr/m2
Recommended mowing heights
2.5-6 mm
6-10 mm
10-12 mm
Speed of establishment
Colour darkness
Green up after winter
Fineness of leaves
Fusarium resistance
Resistance to dollarspot
Less irrigation required
Less fertilizer required
Salt tolerance
Agrostis stolonifera

Creeping bentgrass forms stolons which gives the specie an aggressive growth. It has a high susceptibility to turf diseases and it is in need of an intensive maintenance program to keep the turf quality on an acceptable level. 



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