Smooth stalked meadow grass for a super strong lawn

A perfect lawn can be the crowning glory of a garden. A well-tended lawn is a joy to behold - but then you would have to put up a "Keep off the grass" sign. Smooth stalked grass is often used when lawns are used for sport or as a playing surface. However, sowing a lawn is often underestimated and is more difficult to achieve with smooth stalked meadow grass than with many other grass varieties. The huge advantage of smooth stalked meadow grass is its strength, but with Bar Power RPR a serious contender has entered the arena.

Specialism is key to success

To create a picture-perfect lawn, in-depth knowledge of the product is highly desirable. If enough time and this expertise is available, there is no reason why a strong and stable lawn cannot be created. Another aspect is the relative expense of smooth stalked meadow grass. 


It is not easy to sow smooth stalked meadow grass. It has to be sown at precisely the right depth - 2 cm - to prevent other grasses gaining dominance. The timing also has to be just right, because of the very slow germination rate of smooth stalked meadow grass. At sowing there is a high risk of weeds such as annual meadow grass germinating and ruining the effect of the lawn.


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Alongside its strength, the sustainability of smooth stalked meadow grass is another bonus. If a mixture has sufficient sustainability features, it is given a Green Earth quality label. Examples of sustainable grass seed mixtures suitable for lawns are Low Maintenance and Water Saver. A Green Earth label is assigned if the grass scores well in terms of at least one of the following aspects: lower mowing frequency, reduced water use, reduced fertiliser and pesticide use. 


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Alternative for smooth stalked meadow grass

The ideal alternative for smooth stalked meadow grass in lawns is Bar Power RPR. The germination rate of smooth stalked meadow grass is disappointing, and the seed is also relatively expensive. The RPR technology applied in this lawn mixture ensures horizontal determinate stolons. These stolons form a dense network of small grass plants. This means the lawn is just as strong as a smooth stalked meadow grass lawn, but it establishes much faster. Another benefit is that any damage to the lawn will recover and regenerate. With Bar Power RPR, an attractive and strong lawn able to take a knock or two can be created in an instant.


When to use smooth stalked meadow grass

It takes time and money to create a good lawn that contains smooth stalked meadow grass. But if you succeed, smooth stalked meadow grass is, and will remain, a stable factor in the lawn.

Overseeding with smooth stalked meadow grass

The purpose of overseeding is to stimulate faster recovery and regeneration of the turf. Using smooth stalked meadow grass obviously makes no sense. The majority of grass seed mixtures that contain smooth stalked meadow grass contain an equally large proportion of perennial ryegrass. If these mixtures are used for overseeding, only the perennial ryegrass will emerge. Smooth stalked meadow grass simply establishes too late, so the damage will already have been done. The huge advantage of smooth stalked meadow grass remains its strength, but this quality is also offered by RPR. However, RPR establishes much faster which makes it more suited for overseeding. 


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RPR - Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass

Winter hardiness

After winter, turf often more closely resembles a dry savannah than an attractive, green pitch. The advantage of smooth stalked meadow grass is that, once established, it can easily cope with the pressures of winter. If any damage to the turf does occur, using SOS is advisable. SOS germinates under very low soil temperatures and is extremely suitable as an overseeding mixture in winter.


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SOS - Super Over Seeding

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