Turf Clover

The natural producer of nitrogen

  • Binds nitrogen out of the air
  • Suppressed weeds
  • Less fertilization required
  • Combine with all blends
  • A green lawn troughout the year
  • Lawns
  • Landscaping
  • Roadsides
  • Airports

Binds nitrogen out of the air
The clovers used in the Turf Clover-mixture have the ability to bind nitrogen out of the air. It adds nutrients to the soil and therefore increases soil fertility.
Suppressed weeds
Turf Clover suppresses weeds, so the use of Turf Clover contributes to a weed-free lawn.
Less fertilization required
Not only does Turf Clover require less fertilization, it also ensures less fertilization for the lawn. It binds nitrogen out of the air and ensures good soil fertility, and therefore supplies nutrients for the grass seed mixture.
Combine with all blends
Turf Clover can be combined with all Barenbrug mixtures.
A green lawn troughout the year
Turf Clover grows all year. At times when grass disappears, Turf Clover ensures that the lawn still retains its green color.

Turf Clover
Sustainable maintenance
Sowing rate/100m²
add 3-7% clover
Mowing height
25 mm
5 kg
Suitable for ornamental value
Suitable for playing lawns
Suitable for sport lawns
Suitable for parks
Higher wear tolerance
Tolerant to drought
Fast establishment
Sun and shade
Fine leaved
Low maintanance
Erosion control
Requires less irrigation
Requires less fertilisers
Requires less pesticides
Requires less mowing
Landscape & Lawn

Turf grass plays an important part in our lives. It grows in our gardens and parks. It is not only its use in practice that is important, but also its esthetic and its ability to purify air and water. A carefully considered grass seed mixture will increase the pleasure you get from your ornamental...

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