Tolerance during stress periods

Prolonged drought and heat, high disease pressure and long-term low nutritional levels, are all factors that can be fatal for your turf and cause you headaches!

Resilient Blue is unique

Unlike normal smooth-stalked meadow grasses, Resilient Blue® keeps a 'cool head' under these conditions and it tolerates a wide range of stress factors. By recovering at the right time, Resilient Blue® can fight back and achieve optimal grass coverage. This makes Resilient Blue® unique!


While developing Resilient Blue®, we sought the strongest plants with the highest levels of adaptability and resilience. And we really don't make it easy for our grass plants during our tests! We subject them to the most extreme conditions. These grass plants are well-prepared for the consequences of the climate changes we are facing!

Source: Landlab Institute Italy, 2017.

Extreme selection in rainout shelters in Southern Europe for the combination of heat and drought stress. Situation before and after a stress period of 6 weeks without irrigation. Source: Landlab Institute Italy, 2017.

Want to know more about Resilient Blue?

Resilient Blue® is a new grass technology with the power to withstand extremes such as heavy downpours, blistering heat and very dry summers. It will take the hard knocks of extreme stress and fights back!

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Resilience does not only mean enduring extreme weather conditions, but, above all, ensuring quick recovery after these conditions too.

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Good wear tolerance is a prerequisite for a resilient sports field. Resilient Blue® uses our strong as iron RPR® technology, which ensures good high wear tolerance.

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Extreme weather conditions often lead to stress and a high level of disease pressure. Resilient Blue®'s resilience ensures that your turf is less susceptible to attack by fungi and your turf not only remains greener; it is also healthier.

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