The world's greatest golfing event, on the world's strongest grass!

At the end of September, the top golfers from Europe and the United States will commence play at the Le Golf National in Paris to compete for the Ryder Cup 2018. On the world's strongest grass. The world's greatest golfing event, with teams of the best golfers, will be played om exceptional grass: a mixture of perennial ryegrass with unique horizontal stolons. This enables the grass to recover and regenerate rapidly after heavy wear so the surface remains dense and as strong as iron under all conditions during the tournament. This guarantees a perfect and fair playing surface for optimal ball control during the swing and bounce and roll.

The speed of recovery of RPR is quite amazing!

Alejandro Reyes
Superintendent Le Golf National, Paris, France

Ambitious greenkeeper convinced

Alejandro Reyes, head greenkeeper at Le Golf National, discovered Barenbrug's regenerating grass (RPR) a few years ago during a visit to The Dutch golf course in the Netherlands. The unique, fine-leaved structure of the turf he saw was exactly what he wanted on his approaches, tees, fairways and semi-roughs. After an initial trial that involved overseeding RPR on one fairway, he had all the holes at the Le Golf National overseeded with the same mixture.

“The speed of recovery of RPR is quite amazing”, says Alejandro. “We repair the divots just by sanding to level the surface. And after ten days there's nothing more to be seen. It recovers and regenerates completely."


Ryder Cup 2018

This prestigious team contest is taking place from 28 to 30 September 2018. Every day 62,000 spectators will watch how the top twelve European players battle it out against a team of the top twelve players from the United States. During the Ryder Cup, Barenbrug will be sponsoring the team of greenkeepers at Le Golf National.

Watch Alejandro's full story at Le Golf National on video.


What is RPR?

RPR – Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass


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