Strong in both sunshine and shade

  • Prevents moss growth
  • Dense sward
  • Very suitable for shady areas
  • For lawns that can be enjoyed for many years
  • Good wear tolerance
  • Innovation Award winner
  • Lawns
  • Landscaping
  • Roadsides
  • Airports

Prevents moss growth  

By creating a dense sward in shady areas, too, Shadow prevents the growth of moss in those places. So your entire lawn will consist of grass, also in shady areas.


Dense sward
The varieties contained in Shadow will create a dense sward, precluding bare patches. This makes the grass mixture very suitable for both lawns and recreational areas.


Very suitable for shady areas

As its name implies, Shadow is very suitable for shady areas. In developing this mixture, the focus was on selecting varieties that grow well even in areas of (dappled) shade. Shadow is not without reason the ideal grass mixture for use in shady areas.


For lawns that can be enjoyed for many years
Shadow can be used for many years, creating lawns that you will be able to enjoy for a very long time.

Good wear tolerance
Besides shade-tolerant varieties, Shadow also contains varieties with good wear tolerance, making it very suitable for use in recreational areas, too. Children will be able to play to their hearts’ content even in shady parts of a Shadow lawn.


Innovation Award winner
Shadow includes the variety Barcampsia. On its introduction, this variety won an Innovation Award for its combination of high shade tolerance, early spring growth, fast germination and the fact that it tolerates severe winters very well.

Deschampsia cespitosa
Poa pratensis
Festuca rubra commutata
Festuca rubra trichophylla
Festuca trachyphylla
Sowing rate
2.5 - 3 kg/100m²
Mowing height
from 15 mm
15 kg
Speed of establishment
Nitrogen requirement
Speed of growth
Suitable for ornamental value
Suitable for playing lawns
Suitable for sport lawns
Suitable for parks
Higher wear tolerance
Tolerant to drought
Fast establishment
Sun and shade
Fine leaved
Low maintanance
Erosion control
Requires less irrigation
Requires less fertilisers
Requires less pesticides
Requires less mowing
Landscape & Lawn

Turf grass plays an important part in our lives. It grows in our gardens and parks. It is not only its use in practice that is important, but also its esthetic and its ability to purify air and water. A carefully considered grass seed mixture will increase the pleasure you get from your ornamental...

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