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Introduction new grass technology by Barenbrug on 11th of February 2021

Barenbrug introduces a new resilient grass technology for turf professionals like greenkeepers, fieldmanagers and sod growers. Do you want to prepare your grass for extreme weather conditions? Barenbrug invites you for the official introduction of a new grass technology that will help you to be ready for future extremes. Save the date: 11-02-2021 11.00h CET!

New grass technology by Barenbrug

Changes in climate lead more and more to extreme weather conditions. After years of development and many trials in extreme conditions Barenbrug has developed a technology that helps turf professionals to be prepared for such conditions. The solution: a grass technology that is able to take the punches and fights back!


Barenbrug Online Event

This unique technology is the solution for the best drought and heat tolerant cool season turf grass areas with an excellent winter performance too. Official introduction will be, due to the current pandemic, digitally in the Barenbrug Online Event on the 11th of February at 11.00h CET. During this event we will show you the possibilities of this grass technology for various turf grass professionals and give insight of the technical background.

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