Application instructions

ProtaPlus is a product for short-term forage production (6-12 months). It can be used as an intercrop between arable crops like corn, cereals or cotton. ProtaPlus can be harvested 2-3 times and used as silage, hay or as fresh feed, which is directly fed to animals. Grazing is also possible, as long as rotational- or strip-grazing is applied.



  • Sowing period:

             - Mediterranean climates: August – October

             - Mild/oceanic climates: April – August

             - Annual clovers need a warm period to establish so don’t sow too early or late in the season: soil

                temperature should be > 12 °C

  • Sowing in humid soil, very fine seedbed, comparable to sugar beets or lucerne
  • Seed rate: 35 kg/ha
  • Sowing depth: 0.5 – 1.0 cm. After sowing use a roller to compress the soil
  • For optimal Nitrogen fixation by Rhizobia pre-inoculation with a mix of Group B- and C-inoculants is necessary



  • Annual clovers require a minimal pH of 5.5 – 6.0. For lower soil-pH liming is recommended.
  • As a starter fertilization special attention should be paid to P, K and S. N-fertilization is needed for the 1st cut, afterward no extra N is needed
  • Animal manure/slurry to be applied before sowing or after 1st cut. Don’t apply on young grass
  • Artificial fertilizer to be applied from two weeks after sowing onwards (spring/summer sowing), or shortly after winter (autumn sowing)



  • ProtaPlus can be harvested 2-3 times per season (4-6 weeks interval)
  • Don’t cut too low: cutting height no lower than 7-8 cm
  • Tedding and raking should be done smoothly, to prevent losses from cloverleaves

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