Calimero - White clover

The long live large leaved

    Large-leaved protein yielder

    Calimero is a new Hollandicum-type white clover with large leaves, which leaf-size is comparable to the famous Barenbrug variety ‘Alice’. It has been adopted to the German BSA-list in 2012 as a high productive white clover with a perfect protein content. Therefor Calimero is very useful in grass mixtures aimed for both grazing and cutting purposes. Its large leafiness and erect growth habit allows this white clover to grow along with tall grasses and be a valuable protein source in productive grass swards. 


    Excellent ground cover and persistency

    Furthermore, Calimero can be characterized by its excellent ground cover. This can be seen from the figure below. Its ability to spread and maintain its position in the sward, prevent open places and weed infection in the pasture. On top of that, this Barenbrug variety shows a good winter survival. All together, these features make Calimero a very persistent white clover, perfect for long-term protein production.


    Very low HCN-content

    White clover can contain a substance called hydrocycanic acid (HCN). After consuming too high levels of HCN, animals can get physiologic problems. To prevent these problems it’s important to control the level of clover intake and use varieties with a low HCN-content. Calimero has been tested on HCN by the BSA in Germany and rated as: “variety with a very low HCN-content”. Therefor this white clover will be a nice healthy forage for animals. 


    White clover
    Large leaved
    Large leaved
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    Ladino type (very large leaved)
    White clover

    White clover is a perennial legume which spreads by branching stolons through the sward. It has the ability to produce its own nitrogen through a symbiotic process with rhizobium bacteria in the root nodules. White clover is mainly used in grazing leys for its high nutritive value.