Minimum irrigation required

The availability of good quality water is increasingly limited, and irrigation is not always possible. Not to irrigate at all would be the ideal situation for a sustainable future. Resilient Blue® Muda brings this future closer than you think.

Irrigate as little as possible

Do you want the best results in maintaining a bermuda turf? Irrigate as little as possible! Unnecessary watergifts only stimulates invasive Poa annua and weeds. Resilient Blue Muda has been designed for maximum water-use efficiency. It has a very high drought tolerance. In fact, the key to success is to irrigate as little as possible. Less water for a sustainable green future.


Guaranteed establishment

Resilient Blue Muda is enhanced with Yellow Jacket Water Manager. This seed enhancement optimizes the water content around the seeds for the highest germination and establishment success. When it is irrigated, the substance used to enhance the seed is released into the soil. Here it adheres to grains of sand, creating a ‘Plant Survival Zone’. Besides retaining water, this zone also regulates the amount of water around each seed. Abiotic stress is reduced around the young, vulnerable plants which gives them the best start possible.

The effect of Yellow Jacket Water Manager & the Plant Survival Zone

Resilient Blue® is an investment in a sustainable long-term solution!

Want to know more about Resilient Blue Muda?

Barenbrug Bluemuda is the grass concept that provides the most sustainable solution for the transition zone in Europe. In this zone both warm and cool season grasses are active. The combination of bermudagrass (warm season grass) with Resilient Blue grass technology (cool season grass) offers the solution for bermudagrass that is permanently green all year round.


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With Resilient Blue grass technology, the turf suffers far less under extreme conditions such as drought and heat. Resilient Blue technology also ensures the fastest recovery after a stressful situation. That's what we mean by resilience! Resilience is the new standard for sustainability. Resilient Blue takes the punches of extreme stress and fights back!


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