Resilient Blue® Muda - overseeding solution for permanently green bermudagrass

Is the sight of brown, dormant bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) annoying you in winter? And you don't want to, or are unable, to make an annual transition to cool season grasses for winter greenness? Resilient Blue Muda is the answer! This unique award-winning grass technology helps you to create a permanent bermuda turf that is green all year round. Resilient Blue Muda can withstand the punches of extreme summer stress and fights back for winter greenness of your bermuda turf.

Resilient Blue Muda contains the award-winning Resilient Blue grass technology. This technology comprises grasses that excel in resilience. Specially developed resilient Kentucky bluegrass (resilient Poa pratensis) plants form the foundation of Resilient Blue grass technology.


Resilient Blue Muda is enhanced with Yellow Jacket Water Manager. This unique seed treatment ensures optimal moisture management around the seed. Grass seeds germinate successfully, and young, vulnerable plants develop, stress-free, into healthy and vital turf. Resilient Blue Muda creates a resilient foundation that ensures the turf is prepared for extremes in the future!


The main advantages:

  • permanently green bermudagrass all year round;
  • automatic seasonal transition without downtime;
  • excellent winter performance;
  • minimal irrigation required.

Resilience is the sum of tolerance and recovery

Want to know more about Resilient Blue Muda?

Barenbrug Bluemuda is the grass concept that provides the most sustainable solution for the transition zone in Europe. In this zone both warm and cool season grasses are active. The combination of bermudagrass (warm season grass) with Resilient Blue grass technology (cool season grass) offers the solution for bermudagrass that is permanently green all year round.


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With Resilient Blue grass technology, the turf suffers far less under extreme conditions such as drought and heat. Resilient Blue technology also ensures the fastest recovery after a stressful situation. That's what we mean by resilience! Resilience is the new standard for sustainability. Resilient Blue takes the punches of extreme stress and fights back!


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