Bare patches, a target for annual meadow grass

Bare patches are a real target for weeds such as annual meadow grass. This grass can establish itself very quickly. It has the capability to multiply vigorously, even at low temperatures. Without overseeding, these bare patches will rapidly occur and, as a result, filled in with annual meadow grass in no time. Overseeding with RPR or SOS, also in the autumn season, can reduce the proportion of annual meadow grass by as much as 40% leading up to the next spring.

Autumn overseeding: crucially important

Annual meadow grass is everywhere and when the conditions are even slightly favourable for this plant (wetness), it will soon appear on a sports pitch. Traditionally, autumn is the time when annual meadow grass will once again attempt to stay put or to start rooting, just before the cold winter arrives. And this will be even easier when the playing field provides space for annual meadow grass to establish itself. For this reason, timely overseeding with RPR or SOS is of crucial importance. This will also create a nice dense sod for the winter season, which in turn limits the risk of annual meadow grass in early spring.


Breaking the annual meadow grass cycle

The summer of 2014 was a season with mixed weather patterns. July was warm and sunny, but August was cool and wet; ideal conditions for annual meadow grass to pop up in many areas. A false start to the new season for many pitches! A large coverage of annual meadow grass at the start will therefore result in many bare pitches halfway through the season and this in turn becomes a target for annual meadow grass once again, etc. etc. To break this cycle, it is therefore desirable to overseed on a regular basis. The timing of overseeding is always difficult for several reasons, but what’s important to remember are the flowering times of annual meadow grass. These are the times when new seed is formed and reproduction of the undesirable grass is at a high.


A reduction of annual mea!dow grass in spring of up to 40%, thanks to overseeding in autumn with RPR or SOS.


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Most grass mixtures lose the battle against annual meadow grass. This is due to the very fast germination of annual meadow grass. It germinates and establishes itself faster than most grass mixtures. However, at Barenbrug we have mixtures that are even faster.

SOS - Super Over Seeding

During the colder months, the use of SOS is recommended. SOS germinates at approx. 6 °C, whereas annual meadow grass germinates at 8 -10 °C. This is how SOS competes with annual meadow grass. Furthermore, SOS germinates very fast and all this means that you will have a beautiful level field again in around two weeks’ time: one without bare patches.

Annual meadow grass
Poa annua is an annual, sometimes biennial and occasionally perennial meadow grass (Poa) with shallow roots. If no action is taken, it will spread everywhere. This may lead to many bare patches and various diseases.