Repair drought damage in lawns

The past few months have been exceptionally dry. Grass has turned progressively from green to yellow, and from yellow to brown. Is there still life left in your lawn? What do you have to do to get your lawn nice and green again, and what are the threats lurking around the corner? You can find the answers to these questions in this Barenbrug first-aid special. This exclusive step-by-step plan is the key to recreating a healthy, vital lawn in no time!

First of all, perform the First Aid for Drought Damage test!

Before proceeding, perform the First Aid for Drought Damage test here. Then read below how to restore your sports fields in no time at all.

Repairing lawn in the event of drought damage

With our exclusive step-by-step plan, you can create a healthy vital turf again in no time!


1. Scarify your lawn to remove any dead grass and felt.


2. Poke small holes in the soil so that air and water can penetrate.


3a. Choose the right grass seed mixture: water-repellent soil and/or better prepared for the next extreme drought?

Is your soil water-repellent according to the FADD test? Or are you tired of continually having to help your lawn recover? Or would you prefer to completely re-seed your lawn? In that case, choose the Resilient Blue® Lawn grass seed mixture. This mixture contains the special seed treatment (Yellow Jacket Water Manager) that solves the issue of water repellency and helps the vulnerable, young plants in the first stressful weeks. The mixture has been specially developed for extreme climate conditions such as sweltering heat, exceptional drought or torrential rain. Resilient Blue® Lawn takes the punches of extreme stress and fights back!

3b. Choose the right grass seed mixture: no water repellency and the quickest possible results?

If the soil absorbs moisture well there are lots of different mixtures of grass seeds available for sowing lawns. For each situation, there’s an ideal solution. But not all seed mixtures are suitable for a lawn to recover quickly. In addition, the danger of weeds taking over is always lurking around the corner! There are lots of weed seeds in the soil that can fill any vacant spots at lightning speed. Meadow grass also takes over vacated areas rapidly and weakens the turf. It’s therefore imperative that you use a grass seed mixture that germinates and establishes itself rapidly, so that it can compete against this unwanted invasion. Bar Power RPR® is the most versatile and rapid mixture, and can provide a dense cover of grass in no time.

4. Sow your lawn to create a resilient new lawn with the right type of grass.